~ There is a kind of love that is left unknown to all whom have yet to hold their little one in their arms. The depth and breadth of it is truly unparalleled. Photographs of baby are a celebration of not only their new beginnings but also of yours.

 A fresh chapter, a continued journey, an expanding. If this is your first child, then you also become something brand new, a mother or a father, you made or welcomed this new person and in turn they also make you into something you were not before. Let me join you in welcoming a new life. In the celebration of your little one, of your family. ~

Hello I’m Naomi Hammes

I love to create and from a young age I loved art and this longing to create has never ended. I love to travel and explore and my camera is never far from me.

Family means everything to me. I am fascinated by people and their relationships, so people have always been the main focus of my work.

Your little ones won’t stay tiny forever so I believe in capturing the moment whilst you can. My work is a true reflection of interests: capturing and preserving the love and moment in your life. Using soft lighting and a delicate colour scheme.

In my free time I enjoy shooting family shoots and exploring new locations.

I am based at my home studio in Centurion, but travelling has always been a passion of mine and so it is no problem at all. I look forward to hearing from you!

How To Contact Me

I would love to hear from you!

You are welcome to contact me to discuss your newborn photo shoot.

My price list is available here.


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 My Most Recent Newborn Sessions

General Images Of My Newborn Shoots

Baby Alex

Baby Alexa

Baby Amir

Baby David

Baby Handré

Baby Musiiwa

Baby Rohan

Baby Ziya

Baby Layla

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to schedule my newborn portrait session?

The best time to schedule your session is before your little one is born. This way you can rest assured that your newborn photo shoot will occur within 2 weeks of birth, the very best time to get the sweetest photographs! My weekly calendar fills up quickly and I only take on a limited amount of newborns each month. Let’s make sure that we have your session on the calendar before the birth so that you don’t have to think about it once the baby is born. 

How soon should I have my newborn session after giving birth?

The sooner the better! Newborns tend to stay sound asleep a few days after birth and because of this we are able to gently move your little one into sweet poses. After a couple of weeks, this is not as easy to do. After the 14 day mark babies begin to stretch and the poses won’t be as easy to accomplish.

How long does a newborn photo shoot take?

Newborn sessions are typically 3 hours long. Sometimes we finish earlier and sometimes run over. It all depends how your baby is feeling that day. I recommend not scheduling any other appointments immediately after your session.

How do I book without knowing my session date?

Your due date will be your session date so that we can be sure that you are on my calendar for that month. Once your baby is born and you are ready to go home, all you have to do is send me an email and from there we’ll schedule a definitive session date and time within the first 5-10 days of your baby’s arrival. Once you book your newborn photo shoot session I’ll send you a detailed email with all the information you need to know including scheduling once the baby is here, what you can expect from your session, how to prep yourself and your baby and other helpful insights and tips. You can book here here or call or WhatsApp me on 072 636 7128.

How much do newborn sessions cost?

Your newborn session fee includes your session time and 30-50 uniquely edited images for you to review in your online gallery. To view full pricing click here.

My baby is already born, am I too late to schedule a Newborn Session?

If I have an opening in my calendar I am happy to accommodate. Also, I really love to take newborn pictures 5-10 days after birth. After that, some of the most adorable poses aren’t as easy to achieve.

What is the turn around time on my images?

You will receive your images 2 weeks from your session date and be able to view them in an online gallery set up just for you!

Who supplies all the cute props for the baby?

I do! I have a variety of headbands, wraps and other accessories. What should you wear for photos with your baby? I want you to feel comfortable so I suggest wearing clothes that you can move freely in. I also recommend soft toned, solid colors, avoiding loud prints and patterns so that we can keep the focus on the baby. If you would like a more traditional look, a black t-shirt is a nice choice but I have found that many of my clients like a more modern, light and airy look with soft and muted colours.